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5 Cannabis Oils To Try This 7/10

July 9, 2018
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Wondering what 7/10 has to do with cannabis? Well, in the world of weed, enthusiasts are always looking for a reason to celebrate. And while 4/20 might be the international day to celebrate cannabis as a whole, 7/10 is the day to celebrate cannabis oils. So why 7/10, then? When you flip these numbers upside down and read them backward, they spell the word OIL.


Some people say that once upon a time, you could text your cannabis dealer the numbers 710. This indicated that you wanted to buy some cannabis concentrate. And so, this day became the official day to celebrate cannabis oil and everything it does to transform the lives of the people it touches. To join in the celebrations, we’re bringing you the best cannabis oils CANEX has to offer.


Absolute Xtracts Blue Dream

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Behold, the Blue Dream cartridge by Absolute Xtracts. This sativa-dominant strain is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends talking about how much you love cannabis extracts. This cartridge is the perfect balance of a full body euphoria and cerebral stimulation and won’t leave you couch-locked or in the grips of an intense psychoactive high.


Blue Dream is the perfect strain to combat stress and depression, as it very gently puts the user in a euphoric state. ABX is always proud to bring you healthy and clean cannabis concentrates that are grown and processed in the state of California.


Dosist Bliss

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If you haven’t heard of Dosist before, then you’re in for a wonderful surprise. Dosist are the alchemists of cannabis concentrates, perfectly balancing cannabinoids and strains to induce the response that the user is looking for. For cannabis oils day, we think the perfect Dosist cartridge is Bliss.


Everybody needs a little bliss in their lives amidst the stresses and demands of everyday life. This formula is made with a 9:1 THC:CBD ratio, and contains uplifting terpenes including pinene and terpinolene. Take a little time on 7/10 to share some Bliss with your friends!


Care By Design 4:1 CBD:THC

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Care By Design has created a vaping cartridge with a 4:1 CBD:THC profile. The very small volume of THC makes it mildly psychoactive with the emphasis being on the CBD component. For those who suffer from physical pain and immune problems, this vaping cartridge by Care By Design may help provide some relief.


All of the cannabis oils created by Care By Design are made from whole plant extracts and the plants are grown and processed in Sonoma, California. Care By Design’s mission is to give users a chance to optimize their cannabinoid therapy rather than being forced to consume high THC products. So, if you love cannabis but don’t fancy yourself a psychonaut, get your hands on this vape cartridge for 7/10.


Care By Design 1:1 Sublingual Drops

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Cannabis Express

One of the benefits of cannabis oil is that it removes the need for smoking or vaping entirely. Some of us choose not to smoke or vape for health reasons, so the addition of cannabis extracts to the weed menu is welcome! In this vein, Care By Design has you completely covered with a wide variety of sublingual drops.


Made with cannabis oil and coconut oil, this 1:1 bottle of sublingual drops is the perfect balance of cannabinoids. If you love the psychoactive effect of THC but prefer a more balanced high, this is the right product for you.


Jetty Extracts Reckless Rainbow Gold

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Jetty Extracts has been taking cannabinoid and terpene extraction to a whole new level. The Reckless Rainbow Gold cartridge is actually a cannabis distillate made by BHO extraction. The final result is ultra pure and super fine. Cannabis-derived terpenes are added back into the extraction so that you don’t have to miss out on the smell and taste that you love.


Cannabis oils have taken the market by storm because of their potency and how safe they are to use. While some of us love the ritual of rolling up a joint and sharing between friends, there are many who welcome any chance to avoid inhaling the burning fumes of plant material. And that’s why 7/10 is another day to celebrate the forward movement made by the cannabis industry. Enjoy trying these wonderful cannabis oils and have fun celebrating cannabis oils this Oils Day!


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