5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Dad This Father’s Day

by canex
father's day

Are you among the thousands of people who forgot that Father’s Day is this weekend? Never fear - CANEX has you covered. Last-minute doesn’t have to mean a gift Dad will only pretend to like. Here are 5 last-minute gift ideas for weed-loving dads this Father’s Day.


Kiva Blackberry Chocolate Bar

father's day

Kiva Confections


Who doesn’t appreciate chocolate on their special day? Chocolate loaded with cannabinoids is even better! Kiva is famous for making deliciously potent chocolate edibles, and you never have to compromise on taste to get a THC-packed bite. Father’s Day 2018 should be full of delicious surprises and we think 100mg of THC is a pretty delicious surprise for a dad who loves weed.


Get your hands on this Kiva Blackberry Chocolate Bar, made from completely natural ingredients and loaded with cannabis goodness at CANEX, San Francisco.


Humboldt Apothecary Balanced Brain Tonic

father's day

Humboldt Apothecary


Dads work hard and their brains are often pulled in a hundred different directions. We all know a dad who could use a little brain tonic to bring balance back to their mind. Containing a 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, Humboldt Apothecary’s Balanced Brain Tonic encourages focus, balance, and clarity of the mind. This tincture is great for weed-loving dads who prefer to remain functional and need a little balance in their lives.


NATIV Hash Indica Pre-roll

father's day



Why not get high with your dad this Father’s Day by presenting him with what is perhaps one of the classiest cigars ever? Father’s Day is all about celebrating your dad and strengthening those family bonds. With intense flavor, this pre-roll from CANEX is the best way to spend an afternoon with Dad this Father’s Day. You can even use this NATIV Hash Indica Pre-roll as an appetizer for Father’s Day dinner.


Orange Tree Official Bud

father's day



GreenlineOrganics took 2 years to create this delicious citrus strain, making it more than worthy for your dad this Father’s Day. Originally made by crossing Orange Valley OG with 24K Gold, and after much genetic fine-tuning, Orange Tree has become something of a dream. Present Dad with a strain he will truly appreciate and hope he’s open to sharing a bud or two with his favorite child!


Dosist All-6 Kit

father's day



If you’re trying to make up for a few years of not buying Father’s Day presents, the Dosist All-6 Kit is for you. Dosist focuses on wellness, providing disposable vape pens for a number of desired effects. The All-6 Kit contains the Bliss, Sleep, Calm, Relief, Arouse, and Passion, and each contain varying THC:CBD ratios in order to achieve different effects.


This kit will not only be a hit with Dad on Father’s Day but for weeks to come!


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