Here Are Some Of The Best Pre-Rolled Joints In San Francisco

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best pre rolled joints in san francisco

Nothing is more convenient than a pre-rolled joint! Sharing is caring, so make sure you have plenty for your party this weekend. For the best pre-rolled joints in San Francisco, CANEX has all the best options! From high CBD to strait indica pre-rolls, San Francisco is the spot for the most innovative cannabis products you can find. Here are the best pre-rolled joints in San Francisco.

Nativ’s Hash Sativa Vitality Pre-Roll

best pre rolled joints in san francisco

Nativ Born


If you’re looking for a potent pick me up, you have to try Nativ’s Hash Sativa Vitality Pre-roll.
Nativ’s specialty joints are made of high-quality cannabis which is grown without any synthetic pesticides.


This sativa pre-roll will bring on blissful feelings and an energetic high. Nativ seems to be the first company to produce a “Gray Label” cannabis product. Their Gray Label pre-rolls are a mixture of premium cannabis and hash. This was the product that introduced Nativ to California, and they now have black and white label joints. Only the Gray Label has hash added, making it the most potent of the bunch. Even with the extra potency, these vitality joints are smooth and perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking for the best pre-rolled joints in San Francisco, Nativ’s Gray Label hash joints are a must-have.


Toast Original Pre-rolls

best pre rolled joints in san francisco



Toast Original 2-pack Pre-rolls will make you feel like high class. This top-quality cannabis product was created for social interactions. Each “slice” is equivalent to a cocktail, inspiring a mind-body experience. Toast uses a blend of therapeutic cannabis strains, creating a full spectrum experience. With a 2:1 ratio and double the amount of CBD to THC, the high will be noticeable yet functional. Each joint contains only 5% THC and up to 11% CBD.


Prism Flourish CBD Pre-roll

best pre rolled joints in san francisco

Sticky Guide


Flourish prerolls are part of a collection of CBD products by Prism Farms. This single pre-roll is made to restore the body and will most likely only have a slight psychoactive effect.


This high-quality joint is perfect for people needing the medicinal benefits of cannabis, without the high associated with THC. Prism packages their joints using organic rice paper and extra long filters to keep the smoke out of your eyes. This cannabis company really cares about the whole experience and use organically grown cannabis.


Blackwater OG Indica Preroll

best pre rolled joints in san francisco

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For just 8 bucks you can treat yourself to a Blackwater OG Indica pre-roll! Blackwater OG is a mixture of Mendo Purps with SFV OG Kush. The deep purple color and sweet grape aroma have hints of lemon and pine and its earthy sweet flavor will make you want more as soon as it hits your tongue.


This bud will cause a full body high that helps relieve stress and anxiety. The feeling of euphoria will take over your mind until you feel calm and sedated. Make sure you only smoke this indica pre-roll later in the evening because it may cause mental cloudiness which could distract you from being productive. Testing at about 19% THC content, Blackwater OG typically contains about 1% CBD and also has a small amount of CBN. If you need a solid night of blissful sleep, Blackwater OG should be part of your medicine cabinet!


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