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San Francisco Weed Laws: Everything You Need To Know

California legalized cannabis on January 1st, 2018. This day marked the beginning of a new era for the United States; pot is now accessible to the majority of Americans. There are retail marijuana stores in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Any adult over the age of 21 can buy cannabis products from state-approved dispensaries. Once you have your cannabis products, what exactly are the rules when it comes to San Francisco weed laws? Can you smoke in public or share your pot with your friends? Are you allowed to grow your own weed? New to CANEX? Get…...

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5 San Francisco Mothers Day Marijuana Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Mothers Day is here which means it’s time to get something for your beloved mom before it’s too late! Flowers are a nice gesture but why not put some thought into something that’s going to make her feel extra special? To help make choosing a little easier, here are 5 San Francisco Mothers Day gifts your mom will love! Kiva 100mg Milk Chocolate Bar Image Source   Re-win your mom’s heart this San Francisco Mothers Day with some delicious chocolate. Kiva makes a classic milk chocolate bar that is both sweet and silky. With 100mg total THC, the bar makes…...

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5 San Francisco Cannabis Concentrates To Tell Your Friends About

If you love weed, you have probably heard about cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter and crumble. These types of concentrated marijuana have become extremely popular over the last few years and are widely available at retail dispensaries. Have you tried Live Resin though? Or moon rocks? Or what about isolated THCA? If you’re wanting to get extra high with your friends this weekend, THCA isolate needs to be part of your dab collection. Some extractors add terpenes to the cannabinoids for an extra potent effect. Certain processes can preserve the terpenes so the end product is packed with flavor you…...

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These Are The Most Popular Cannabis Strains In San Francisco Right Now

California is famous for producing potent indica-hybrid strains that induce relaxation and euphoria. Sweet, uplifting hybrids are becoming the most popular cannabis strains in San Francisco. Cannabis enthusiasts enjoy “feeling the flavor”, and how it affects their experience. The hybrid mix of sweet sativas and earthy indicas create a cerebral high with sedative effects. Life is happening and even stoners have lots of things to do. San Francisco dispensaries are trying to keep up with the high demand for delicious weed. Order Now for 10% off Flowers! These are the most popular cannabis strains in San Francisco right now.  …...

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5 Cannabis Products To Prepare You For 420 In San Francisco

420 in San Francisco is one of the best in the world. As the countdown begins to weed’s biggest celebration of the year, it’s time to gather your products to celebrate 420 in true San Francisco style. Whether you’re headed to Hippie Hill or another 420 celebration, here are 5 products that will get you prepped and ready for our favorite holiday of the year. Toast Original 5-Pack PreRolls Image Source   420 in San Francisco would not be the same without a “slice of toast”. The best way to have joints on tap this year is to grab a…...

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5 Delicious San Francisco Edibles You Have To Try

For decades, San Francisco has been a hub for everything cannabis. San Francisco dispensaries are taking things to new levels by having the best products that can be delivered right to your doorstep. If you’re ever looking for some tasty SF weed, Cannabis Express is your one-stop shop for a variety of marijuana products that are high-quality and affordable. If you’re in the Bay area, here is a list of 5 delicious San Francisco edibles you have to try! Order Now for 10% off Edibles! Om Raw Cocoa Sipping Chocolate Image Source   Starting with the best of the best,…...

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