These Are The Most Popular Cannabis Strains In San Francisco Right Now

by canex
popular cannabis strains in san francisco

California is famous for producing potent indica-hybrid strains that induce relaxation and euphoria. Sweet, uplifting hybrids are becoming the most popular cannabis strains in San Francisco. Cannabis enthusiasts enjoy “feeling the flavor”, and how it affects their experience. The hybrid mix of sweet sativas and earthy indicas create a cerebral high with sedative effects. Life is happening and even stoners have lots of things to do. San Francisco dispensaries are trying to keep up with the high demand for delicious weed.

These are the most popular cannabis strains in San Francisco right now.



popular cannabis strains in san francisco

Gelato is one of the top marijuana strains available from San Francisco dispensaries. This beautiful flower has one of the most delicious flavor profiles known. Gelato is a tasty hybrid cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Its name comes from the dessert-like aroma radiating from its colorful buds. Phenotypes of this strain are usually dark purple and covered in bright orange hairs. You will also notice a heavy resin coating, adding to the potency.


Let feelings of sweet euphoria take over your taste buds. Relaxation comes on strong, but it is possible to stay productive and creative during the day. Newbie smokers may want to stay away from this potent temptation. Gelato usually tests between 26-27% THC but has a low amount of other cannabinoids. Even though smoking this flower is tasty and smooth, it is a hard-hitter, so be aware of the potent effects. One bowl of Gelato will make you feel happy and lifted.


The sweet citrus flavors of Gelato will help anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. This energizing hybrid will inspire creative conversation, so bring enough to share with your friends.


Jesus OG

popular cannabis strains in san francisco

Jesus OG is a fiery mix of Hell’s Angels (Hells OG) and Jack the Ripper. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a potent citrus kush aroma. The combination of terpenes can be an answered prayer for anyone who needs relaxation. The sativa qualities help your mind stay functional and clear.


Jesus OG tests between 17-25% THC content, with only traces of CBD. One of the reasons Jesus OG is flooding the West Coast is because it produces tall plants with heavy yields.


Lovers of Jesus OG claim that this miracle strain makes them feel happy and euphoric. Not only will this bud uplift you, it will also give you energy while relaxing your body at the same time. Let Jesus OG bring you peace and good vibes.


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popular cannabis strains in san francisco

One of the most popular hybrid strains of all time is Gorilla Glue #4, now called GG4. Gorilla Glue is a potent indica-hybrid favorite. GG4 is the baby of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubble, and Chocolate Diesel. The earthy, sour aromas along with the high THC content, make for a dank hard-hitter. Most GG4 phenotypes test between 25% and 28% THC content, with little amounts of CBD.


Most users say they feel euphoria and relaxation, while other get glued to the couch. GG4 is also a good choice if you want to feel relaxed yet functional. This strain has the perfect amount of sativa genetics to get you through a long day. If you deal with pain or nausea, GG4 can provide relief in the daytime or night time. Among all the popular cannabis strains in San Francisco, GG#4 is on top!


OG Kush

popular cannabis strains in san francisco

OG Kush is the parent strain to many popular hybrids around the world. OG Kush came from the East Coast but hit the West Coast in the 90’s. Kush is also a child of the indica strain Afghani, known for its potent sedative effects. Its aroma is earthy whilst a sour lemon zest inspires a cerebral punch.


OG Kush is known to fight stress and turn it into euphoria. OG Kush usually tests between 20-25% THC content. Make sure you have munchies on hand when trying this strain, as many people use OG Kush as a medicine to stimulate their appetite.


Use OG Kush in the evening because this hybrid tends to be indica-dominant. Ocean-Grown Kush will always be one of the most popular cannabis strains in San Francisco!



popular cannabis strains in san francisco

Zkittlez was the most popular cannabis strain in San Francisco in 2015. After winning multiple cannabis cups around the country, Zkittlez is now a staple in San Francisco dispensaries.


An indica-dominant mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, Zkittlez is also crossed with another unknown strain. The beautiful buds produce a sweet flavor that taste like a tropical fruit candy. The effects should be uplifting even though it’s considered an indica. When smoking a bowl or a vape of this tasty strain, users claim to stay focused and happy.


Zkittlez tests between 15 and 19% THC content, making this a functional daytime strain that won't knock you out. Even if you are on the hustle and grind, Zkittlez will make sure you stay relaxed throughout the day.


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