San Francisco Weed: 5 Products You Need To Try

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san francisco weed

California has always been ahead of the game when it comes to having the best weed around. The culture of California pushes cannabis companies to be better, cleaner and provide the highest quality cannabis products that can be found on the market. With such a dank selection of flowers and cannabis-infused products, CanEx has everything you need when it comes to San Francisco weed. Here are 5 products you need to try if you love SF weed!


AbsoluteXtracts Omija Cartridge

san francisco weed

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Emerald Cup Concentrates, by AbsoluteXtracts, just released a new C02 oil cartridge called Omija, a sativa-dominant hybrid. The THC content for this concentrated cannabis product is testing at about 65% with low amounts of cannabidiol, testing at only 0.18% CBD. There is actually more CBN than CBD, which also fights pain, inflammation, insomnia, and it may promote the growth of bone cells. CBN stands for cannabinol, which is partly responsible for the sedative effects of the cannabis plant.


The word Omija refers to a medicinal Korean tea made from Magnolia berries (Schisandra) and the literal translation means “five flavors”. The Japanese used this classic drink as a remedy for colds and seasickness. The Omija strain gets its earthy and sweet taste from natural, cannabis-derived terpenes, which come directly from the same cannabis flower that was used to extract the oil.


Puffing on an Omija vape pen should offer an uplifting high that can lead to creativity and inspiration. This would be a good choice for daytime use because it offers stress relief, relaxation but still gives you an upbeat head high. This strain will also combat nausea while boosting the immune system. If it's good San Francisco weed you're looking for, enjoy the flavor of California sun-grown cannabis!


Moxie Strawberry Fields Cartridge

san francisco weed

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Moxie Seeds and Extracts create cannabis oil products using advanced cutting-edge technology and processes. Moxie’s Strawberry Fields Cartridge is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross with the sativa-dominant Strawberry Cough and an unknown indica strain. The strawberry aroma comes through the most, making it an even more enjoyable experience for cannabis connoisseurs who are searching for a delicious flavorful experience.


Strawberry Fields has heavy sedative effects making this strain a good choice if you’re dealing with insomnia, appetite loss, or pain.


Moxie begins their extraction process by freezing fresh cannabis, which helps preserve the plants terpenes, creating a full-spectrum flavor profile. The “hash oil” is most likely extracted using butane or propane as the solvent, and the Moxie website explains that “The light hydrocarbon process extracts three major byproducts from the plant— cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant lipids. This creates an oil that can be consumed orally, inhaled, and applied topically.” You need to try this Strawberry Fields cartridge before it runs out! If you want to try some of the best San Francisco weed products on the market, you can get it delivered today!


Care By Design Cannabis Soft Gels

san francisco weed

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Care By Design offers CBD-rich Soft Gel Capsules that contain 10mg total cannabinoids with an 18:1 ratio of CBD to THC. These gel capsules are perfect for anyone looking for long-term pain relief without the intoxicating effects of heavy THC usage. Consistent CBD dosing is known to fight cancer, inflammation and mental illness like depression and PTSD.


This therapeutic cannabis product makes it easy to know the precise dose you are taking while keeping things discreet. Pop a cap while you’re taking your daily vitamins in the morning or the evening. The main thing is that you get in the habit of taking at least one capsule a day to ensure you will get the maximum benefit of the cannabinoids. This is not a vegan product because it contains gelatin, along with only two other ingredients; cannabis oil and coconut oil.


The simplicity of these high-CBD capsules, make it easy to feel calm, relaxed and happy. Some San Francisco weed products contain high amounts of CBD and Care By Design is one brand you need to check out!


The 24 pack will last almost a full month but you better buy 2 packs so you don’t run out!


100mg Kiva Tangerine Dark Chocolate Bar

san francisco weed

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Kiva Confections creates delicious edible products that are reliable and effective. The 100mg Tangerine Dark Chocolate Bar is gluten-free and vegan! This product is known for its potency and has an incredible taste, infusing a tangerine flavor to compliment the hybrid cannabis terpene profile. All of the Kiva edibles have been tested and screened for potency, pesticides and microbial activity to ensure they are safe for everyone to consume, while still providing the medicinal benefits of cannabis.


This chocolate bar has over 20 grams of cane sugar so it would be a smart idea to only eat one 5mg piece at a time to make sure you don't spike your blood sugar too quickly.


If you’re looking for a tasty edible to eat in the daytime, you might want to try the Kiva Tangerine Dark Chocolate bar, which should knock you out by the evening. When it comes to the safe consumption of edibles, always start low and take it slow. If you accidentally overdo it on THC, take some high-CBD capsules to balance out the psychoactive effects. Kiva chocolate is one of the best San Francisco weed products you need to try!


Moxie Orange Cookies Live Resin Shatter

san francisco weed

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Orange cookies is a hybrid cross between Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies. The combination of calming body effects with a cerebral buzz will leave you with a balanced happy high. OC lingers with a sweet citrus aroma, similar to tangerine, a strain that inspires euphoria and creative energy.


Most weed that people smoke usually tests at about 5% terpene content but, with extraction technology advancing, we are now able to consume cannabis that can be up to 36% terpenes and more. You should feel the flavor tingling your nose and making your eyes water as the THC settles in and you get progressively more stoned.


If you haven't had a dab of live resin then you are in for a real treat. The fresh-frozen process captures the terpene molecules and preserves them for the extraction process, resulting in an intense aroma and flavor!


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