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What is Cannabis Express?

CanEx is a fully licensed cannabis delivery retailer serving the greater SF area and the peninsula.


Are you medical or recreational?

BOTH! We currently hold Adult Use and Medical Permits from the City of San Francisco.


How much can I buy?

Depending on if you have a medical card or not you will have different limits. The maximum a recreational customer can buy of flower is 28 grams.


What forms of payment are allowed?

Currently Cash and Lynx Cards Only. Federal banking regulations do not allow our services to make transactions.


What taxes are included in the sale of product?

There is a 15% Excise tax for all cannabis product that is INCLUDED in the menu price. Sales tax is added to all cannabis product and not included in the menu pricing, 8.5% is added to all sales. San Francisco currently does not charge any additional city taxes.


What do I need to show when the driver arrives?

In order to receive your delivery the driver will need to see your valid government issued ID and collect a confirmation signature for every order!


How long will it take to get my order delivered?

Our average delivery time is about 60-90 mins


What is the busiest time of the day for you guys and when should I order for me to get my order asap?

Usually ordering from 11-3 is the best time to get the fastest delivery, anytime after that will usually be up to an hour to an hour and a half.

Pre-Ordering is available and encouraged! We just ask for a 1.5-2hr delivery window for our drivers. (Ex: 12pm-2pm)


What time is the last delivery?

We accept deliveries from 11am – 8:59pm Monday – Wednesday

               11am – 9:59pm Thursday – Sunday


Will we deliver to your work?

Yes! Very discreetly (make sure you mention this in your order notes!).


How will my items be delivered?

In a reusable (child proof) bag.


Are there any undisclosed fees?

Absolutely NOT!


Is a tip required?

No but tips are always appreciated.


Is there a delivery fee?

No! Currently Cannabis Express does not charge any delivery fees ☺


How can I place my order?

  1. Sign-up or Log-in at cannabisexpress.com
  2. New Members: Use name, email, phone number, address, government issued ID, and Doctor’s Rec (if applicable).
  3. Once submitted it will take 2-3 minutes to become verified and receive a notification via text/email.
  4. Once verified you can place your order online! Enter any special notes and Promo Codes before you click Place Order.


Specials FAQs


What promotions are offered?

CANEXFTP is $5.00 off all FTPs.

-We offer weekly deals of all types on our website www.cannabisexpress.com!

– Daily Specials-









I am a first time patient, Is there any deals that I can get?

Yes! $5.00 off your first order.


What is the process for vendors? (Create Form to Fill Out) see if we can get ahold of MD only website content


Products FAQs


What are some of the best Indica, sativa or hybrid flower, concentrate or vape you guys have?


What are cannabinoids vs terpenes? Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors on cells that repress the release of neurotransmitters in the brain; simply put, they are naturally occurring psychoactive chemicals. Terpenes are a class of organic compounds which occur naturally and are found in many plants and some insects.