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Weekly Specials

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Dosist Blowout!!!

50% off all dosist products! Limited time only! – w/ code: DOSIST50


Early Bird Special!!!

20% off your order when you place before noon! – w/ code: CXEARLY


Recharge Monday

15% off any flower purchases! w/ code: CXMONDAZE

Taxless Tuesday

10% off every order! w/ code: CXTUESDAY 

Weed Wednesday 

15% off all Hump Day Prerolls w/ code: CXWEDNESDAY

Tech Thursday

15% off  vapes and pods w/ code: CXTHURSDAY


15% off your entire order with the purchase of any edible! w/ code: CXFRIDAY

Weekend Sale

10% off your entire order on orders over $75 w/ code: CXWKND